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I have sold scrap to every recycler from Schnitzer in woodinville , all the way up to that one off slater right by RDS owned by the other parberry brother...but anyway z's was excellent!.... their price was fair and the employees were cool..and they didnt interrogate me about where i got my metal like im some kinda loser theif...like so many places do now..

i highly recomend this place.

- Darnell L.
Honest! One word to describe Z's. I have used Z Recyclers for 20 plus years and will continue to use them.

- Christopher S.
Hey, these guys have always treated me well. They let me run Around there yard and find things I need, if i can't find it they help me find it.

- Randy S.
Very friendly and helpful folk, and great treasures to repurpose! Thank you Z's!
- Marlene P.
We love Z Recyclers!!! and always wil!!
- Carol P.