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Metal Sales in Lynden, WA

Since 2006, Z Recyclers Inc has sold new steel, aluminum and stainless. It has been a great opportunity to offer friendly sales and services to our growing customer base. Whether you are a commercial contractor, steel fabricator, metal artist, farmer, or working on a small project at home, we are here to serve you. Do you need a few hundred feet? How about two feet? It really doesn't matter to us, our goal is to meet your needs, fast and with a smile. For a price that makes you happy!

Services we offer

  • 14x14" capacity Band saw cutting
  • 1\2"x120" Plate shear
  • 1\4" - 1-1\4" Hole punching
  • Track torch cutting 1\2-3"
View of scrap yard - Metal recycling center in Lynden, WA